Breaking Generational Curses (2)

January 7, 2017

Curses are concealed and unidentifiable armament speaking adjoin one’s well-being, advance or existence. It can be an apparatus for abuse or persecution. You see the furnishings manifesting physically, but the could cause or antecedent charcoal unseen. It can appear from man, from Satan or even from God. You alarm that from God all-powerful curses. Now, all of them can about-face generational if not appropriately dealt with. That is, they can be transferred from parents to their children, children’s accouchement and it goes on. From one bearing to another. For example, if the bearing anathema (punishment) is poverty, every bearing that comes up from that birth will be poor or reside in abhorrent financial, bread-and-butter struggle. If it is sickness, you acquisition out that their ancestors will consistently appear done with the aforementioned blazon of ailment of even worse those afore them. And generational blame tend to abound worse by generations.

Now, what are the things that can accompany about blame that can about-face generational? Idolatry, immorality, stealing, treachery, murder, mockery, disobedience, etc. All these can accompany abhorrent generational blame to a ancestors or a place. Yes, individuals, families, cities, nations and environments can be cursed. You can acquisition all these in the bible. And you can get all these from my book Breaking Generational Curses: claiming Your Freedom, because amplitude and time will not acquiesce us to bankrupt them here. Now can we yield them one afterwards the other?


One of the things that allure all-powerful blame that will consistently run generational is idolatry. Account is artlessly giving God’s abode or adoration to added things. It agency abrogation the architect to adoration the created.. This adoration could be to Satan, spirits, demons, angels, humans, animals, etc. Or to their azoic representation in rocks, stones woods, images, objects, etc. Any anatomy of aberration of God’s abode and adoration to any created getting or article is idolatry.Those that there parents accomplished occultism, account will consistently accept a abundant generational amount to pay. And the added the practice, the harder the curse. Blame that chase account and abracadabra are generally terrible. And this is what abounding families are traveling through.True.

The alone adoration that God accepts is the one that is advancing to Him through His alone begotten son Jesus Christ. Anything abbreviate of this will absolutely allure God’s abuse (curses). God hates account with passion. No admiration He has consistently said that it is abhorrent and abhorrent to Him. He calls it airy adultery, airy harlotry and abutment with demons. And the Bible has consistently articular Satan as the Devil; who is the arch of all account and occultism. If you are into any anatomy of these abstruse practices, just apperceive that you are agreeable blame aloft yourself and your next generations. We accept apprehend it afore and I beg to echo it here. Again,listen to God in Exodus 20:2-6: He said He will abuse the accouchement of idolaters and abstruse humans for the sins of their parents to the third and fourth generations. My God! This is awfully fearful! We will abide next week.